Justvedic - Wellness Blend Store

Founded in 2001, Justvedic sparked a wellness revolution in the Indian subcontinent. We began by bringing the richest and most flavored wellness drink mixes closer to our Wellness Lovers from across the world. By removing traders and distributors and by selecting the harvests ourselves and tasting each and every flush, we have been committed to bringing our passionate wellness enthusiasts closer to what makes the perfect wellness mix.

At Justvedic, we're committed to supporting every single person who wants to be a better version of themselves - because we firmly believe there's more to everyone. As you move ahead in your journey of Wellness, we want to ensure that you achieve the best fitness, physically and mentally, with High Quality Clean Nutrition - the one that your body truly deserves.

This is our commitment to you.

Clean, Plant Based
Staying away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, allergens - we source the most authentic ingredients from farms across the globe to ensure you get the Clean Nutrition to live an active life

Based on Ayurveda
Combining thousands of years of Ayurvedic wisdom and the Modern day foods - we create products that give you the benefits of both the sciences

Going beyond the products
Our complete ecosystem offers more than the products including diet suggestions digitally and guidance to keep you motivated and to help you on your journey of being better.

  • Just Vedic is Scientifically Proven


    Our blends are backed up by reliable scientific research and evidence.

  • Just Vedic is Non GMO Certified


    JustVedic contains no genetically modified organism and has no sugar.

  • Just Vedic is FSSAI Certified

    FSSAI Certified

    Meets safety and quality standards set by the FSSAI Authority.

  • Just Vedic has no Artificial Colors

    No Artificial

    JustVedic Mixes are free from artificial colours and preservatives.

  • Just Vedic is all Natural

    100% Natural

    JustVedic are natural and made from authentic herbs for maximum efficacy.

  • Just Vedic is Plant Based

    Plant Based

    We use herbs as part of our commitment to super herbs and sustainability.

  • Just Vedic has no Sugar

    No Sugar

    JustVedic herbals contain no added sugar and all its teas have zero calories.

  • Just Vedic is Co created Herbalists


    JustVedic mixes are crafted by skilled and experienced herbalists and doctors.

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  • Just Vedic is Made In India
  • Just Vedic is Cruelty Free
  • Just Vedic is 100 percent natural
  • Just Vedic is Chemical Free
  • Just Vedic is ISO Certified
  • Just Vedic is GMP Certified